About Us

“We aim to help those who help others”

Our Mission

We aim to help those who help others, those sharing their creativity, and those in a time of need. 

Veita Project Inc. was founded as a side project meant to better help organizations and individuals obtain the support they need to push their visions forward.

Our time intensive day jobs in the highly regulated financial industry left us wanting more regarding work and life satisfaction.

Although we had always put our clients first, we were helping people that were already doing better than most.

It was time for us to apply our acquired skills and our passion for psychology elsewhere. We have been lucky enough to be able to step back from our day jobs to work on something we are truly excited about. It’s now time for us to help others do the same.

Veita Project’s offerings for nonprofits are designed to stand apart from the multitude of other development services available. Many of these services can be complicated, expensive, and include bundled tools that may never be utilized. Alternatively, they might solely offer a simple donation portal without any further assistance. Our objective is to assist our clients in constructing and implementing an annual fundraising strategy. By leveraging fundamental principles from psychology, we will develop a donation campaign that we believe will best align with our clients’ specific needs and their development plan. Our commitment to prioritizing our clients means that in certain situations, we may recommend alternatives to our own services. As we continue to grow and learn, e will be able to provide our clients with additional options and services. We pride ourselves on providing all of our clients with our best set of ideas.

Our Motivation