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A demo of available features and strategies

“Give your fundraiser a tangibility boost!”

Here is where you can tell your audience about yourself and your campaign. We encourage you to add links to your online presence in the provided space. The modules below are examples of a variety of ways you can communicate to your supporters how they can help your cause.  This is your chance to obtain the tangibility boost by being transparent about what donations are being used for and by breaking down the impact into smaller digestible goals.

Feel free to click through the below donation modules to get a feel of how each works. Don’t worry, you won’t be donating any money if you click all the way through!

Choose how to support us:


Standard Cash Donation Form

This is your standard donation form without a set goal.

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Goal Based Donation Form #1

This form is great for general donation goals or for larger projects that require a specific level of funds.

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Veita Project

Goal Based Donation Form #2

Let your supporters choose which project you should focus on by having competing goal based donation forms.

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Veita Project

Set Dollar Amount Donation Form #1

Let your supporters know the impact their donation is making by breaking down what a particular item or service costs. Your supporters can then choose the quantity they want to donate towards.

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Veita Campaign Example-food donation

Set Dollar Amount Donation Form #2

List more than one reoccurring item or service to communicate your need as some will resonate more than others with supporters.

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Veita Project

Give-back Donation Form

If you want to give back to your supporters, you can offer “kick-backs” for when they donate set dollar amounts. The provided reporting will include the needed contact info for fulfillment.

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Important Information for Donors:

  • Donations are processed by Stripe and are immediately distributed to the client once the transaction is complete (transactions take 5 business days to clear).
  • Transaction fees of X% are collected by Stripe and are deducted from the donated amount.
  • If a transactions fails for any reason, you will receive a notification. In this event, the client will be aware of the failed transaction and may reach out to you to remedy.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, donor provided information will be shared with the client.

How it works

When setting up your Veita Project campaign, you’ll create or utilize an already existing Stripe account to connect your external bank account to. All of your donations will be directly deposited into your account and Veita Project will never take custody. With Stripe, your donors benefit from peace of mind, knowing their donations to your cause are secure.
You’ll have access to donation reporting via your Stripe account as well as periodic Veita Project provided reporting.
After signing up for Veita Project, we’ll have you complete a questionnaire where you will select your campaign and donation form options, enter your custom text, and upload images to be used. For more detailed customizations, one of our representatives will work directly with you to ensure your campaign meets your expectations.
You will need at least one donation form for you page, but you are able to have up to eight if needed! Below are some of the form options you’ll have when designing your campaign:

1. Donation Form Templates – You can click through the above examples to see them in action
Standard  – This is your basic donation form
Goal Based – Set a goal and let your supporters see the progress
Set Dollar Amount – Great for asking your supporters to help you raise money for specific supplies
Give-Back – Want to give back to your supporters? This is the form for you.

2. Form/Cause title
3. Featured image
4. Description of the cause – This is the most important part of the form! Be transparent about how you are using the donations.

5. Donation Options – some of these are template specific
Set Donation Amounts – choose different static amounts for supporters to choose from
Custom Donation Amounts – Set ranges on the custom amounts
Donation Goals – Let your supporters know your progress towards a specific project/cause.
a) Amount raised
b) Percentage raised
c) Number of donations
d) Number of donors

6. “Thank You” Message
7. Donation Confirmation Email