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Your Local, Non-Profit Wellness Center

Thank you to all of our valued contributors and members and who have supported us and the community over the years! We wouldn’t be able to provide our wellness programs to those of all ages without your help. 

To continue to maintain our facilities for our growing member base, we ask you help us choose where we should focus our efforts. Below you can choose from three areas of need. Every dollar donated will be matched by supporting local business! 

Visit our website and social media pages to find out other ways of supporting us and your community!


Choose how to support us:

Veita Project

New Treadmills

With your support, we can update our cardio equipment for all of our members to enjoy.

Veita Project

New Free Weights

Help us expand our free weight selection. As we reach incremental milestones with this goal, we can continue to update the weights! 

Veita Project

Remodel Locker Rooms

We’ve heard your feedback about wanting the locker rooms remodeled! The designs have been completed. Once we reach this goal, we’ll be able to begin construction!